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Our Company

Sumitomo Chemical (UK) Plc (SCUK) is based in Hammersmith, London and is the distributor of household and professional-use insect control products for its parent, the Environmental Health Division of Sumitomo Chemical Company Ltd.

Sumitomo Chemical (UK) Plc serves customers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, supplying active ingredients, manufacturing use products, and finished formulated products together with registration support for authorisations of products at the national and European levels.

Its active substances are used for the manufacture of household insecticides for consumer use, for indoor and urban insect control by pest control operators, and for animal health and pharmaceutical products controlling ectoparasites.

The company is recognised as giving unparalleled support for:

  • Pyrethroid and other active substance chemistries
  • Manufacturing use products
  • Representative products including aerosols, trigger sprays, vaporisers, mats and coils.

As legislation continues to evolve in the EU, Sumitomo Chemical (UK) Plc is honoured to stand with our customers and respond to new challenges and opportunities in the field of Environmental Health.

Our Mission

Sumitomo Chemical (UK) Plc is proud to promote compliance, safety, and quality. Acting responsibly in all activities is the foundation of solid business relationships and Sumitomo Chemical (UK) Plc strives to develop sound and trusted relationships with its customers through comprehensive support of their products and as the model for compliance before national and international regulatory authorities.

Company History

Founded in 1988 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Chemical Company Ltd., Sumitomo Chemical (UK) Plc’s main business fields and functions are in distribution and marketing of household and pest control operator insecticides business for its parent company environmental health division in EMEA and also to provide financial and administrative services to group companies.

The company has grown to support its supply function, with Sumitomo Chemical (UK) Plc listed as the authorization holder for active substance product-type combinations in accordance with Article 95 of the Biocidal Products Regulations (EU) No 528/2012 and is backed by dedicated regulatory and technical teams who provide end-to-end support for customers operating in the challenging environment of product authorization in the EU.

In 2009, Sumitomo Chemical (UK) Plc acquired Atrium Innovation Ltd, a specialist device development company, and introduced its electrostatic liquid dispersion technology into the Sumitomo Group. The technology is now successfully launched into the SEA and EMEA regions under the airnote brand.

Research & Development

Sumitomo Chemical (UK) Plc is constantly looking for new ways to deliver its active substances and formulated products, working closely with partners to utilise novel technologies and formulations. In recent years, the company identified the potential of the airnote atomiser system for achieving controlled delivery of fine chemicals. The platform has been launched successfully in Japan and is now entering the EU market.

Company Headquarters

Sumitomo Chemical (UK) Plc
Hythe House
200 Shepherds Bush Road
London W6 7NL
United Kingdom


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An Innovative Approach to Mosquito Control

Sumitomo Chemical (U.K.) plc  (SCUK) has been participating in annual public health mosquito control programs run by the Greek Ministry of Health. With its numerous islands and excellent beaches and swimming Greece is a popular vacation destination. But with an ideal climate for insects it is also home to many mosquitoes.

In the north of Greece is the city Thessaloniki, home to around 1 million people. To the east of Thessaloniki are busy tourist areas, while to the west is a huge area of rice production, comprising approximately 60,000 ha. The rice fields provide a fertile breeding ground for mosquitoes and every summer the mosquito populations reach levels that cause serious problems for residents and tourists alike.

Control of these rice field mosquitos was traditionally accomplished by the use of mosquito larvicides, formerly organophosphate compounds but nowadays almost entirely bacterial larvicides. These are very effective but, due to the large area that needs to be covered, must be dispersed by aerial spraying. This is an effective method until the end of July when the rice crop has grown to such an extent that the foliage prevents the larvicide from reaching the water, at which point mosquito control treatments cannot be carried out.

Sumitomo Chemical (UK) Plc became involved in a new project to apply adulticide products at the end of the larvicide treatment period. The application is made by helicopters fitted with environmental measuring devices and a GPS system. By integrating GPS and environmental information (e.g. the wind speed and direction) with the spraying controls, it is possible to accurately deliver a very small quantity of treatment to the target area. The use of Ultra Low Volume (ULV) spray equipment, which breaks the sprayed liquid into billions of minute droplets, means that a greatly reduced quantity of insecticide is needed compared to conventional spray methods.

The product chosen for this project is Pesguard® S102, part of the Pesguard® Professional range of pest control products marketed by Sumitomo Chemical (UK) Plc. Because of its very high efficacy against mosquitoes, and also because of its favourable environmental and safety profile, this product is ideally suited for the task. The formulation is water-based and contains Sumithrin®, a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide developed by Sumitomo Chemical (UK) Plc’s parent Sumitomo Chemical Company, Ltd. of Japan. Sumithrin is an active ingredient with a particularly low mammalian toxicity. Its safety profile is so strong that it is widely used as an active ingredient in human anti-parasitic pharmaceutical products, especially as a treatment against head lice. In conjunction with this it is a chemical that is rapidly and naturally broken down by sunlight which, like mosquitoes, is in plentiful supply in Greece.

Sumitomo Chemical (UK) Plc has been supplying Pesguard® S102 for this use for several years. The product gives excellent efficacy with an extremely low dosage of active ingredient per hectare.