Sumitomo Chemical Italia

Sumitomo Chemical Italia was founded in 2011 after the Sumitomo Chemical Company acquired 100% control of the former Isagro Italia, a 50/50 joint venture between Sumitomo Chemical and Isagro spa.

Our mission is to supply the Italian agricultural market with solutions for crop protection, combining products invented by Sumitomo Chemical with other products we distribute. Currently our portfolio includes: Sumitomo Chemical Italia products, Nufarm products (a company in which Sumitomo is a 23% shareholder), and  third-party products.

Sumitomo Chemical’s products include fungicides (Fenpyrazamine, tolclofosmethyle), insecticides (esfenvalerate, pyriproxyfen, clothanidin, etoxazole, Bacillus thuringiensis), and PGR. We also have a strong presence in Public Health and Forestry for mosquito and caterpillar control.

Our portfolio of products is the most complete in the Italian market, offering products for special nutrition, crop protection (herbicides and fungicides) and weed control.

Currently, with the goal of reducing agriculture’s impact on the environment while maintaining the quality of crops grown with agrochemicals, we are developing our “Biorational Defense Concept” products. This idea of sustainable agriculture is necessary when we envision a world in 2050 with 10 billion people, limited soil, and increased needs for food quality and quantity.

To help improve agricultural productivity, and to reduce the impact of agriculture on the environment, Sumitomo Chemical invested in Valent Bioscience Corporation (VBC), a leading Company in Bacillus thuringiensis production. VBC is enlarging its portfolio investing in MGK, leader in natural pyrethrum, a wide-spectrum insecticide obtained from Chrysanthemum flowers; Pace International, a company involved in pre- and post-harvest crop management; and in Mychorrhizal Applications, an American company that specializes in the production of mychorrhizae, symbiotic fungi that improve the ability of plants to extract nutrients and water from the soil, thereby reducing the need for fertilizers and consolidating the soil.

At Sumitomo Chemical Italia we work with a similar strategy. We combine our technical knowledge, our strong portfolio of products, and our extensive experience with crop protection to benefit society and create a better future for all.

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Protecting Our Vineyards and Vegetables

Sumitomo Chemical Italia strives to improve the lives of Italians in many ways, whether it’s through community services, charitable contributions, or our products. And although we hope to have a great positive impact through all of our efforts we do our best work with plant protection. Chemistry is at the heart of our organization and with it we do fantastic things, but we offer strategies and products with the aim of protecting the environment while developing crops. For example, we are the leader in the distribution of a Sumitomo Chemical plant protection product called Prolectus, a pillar in grape vine and vegetables protection strategies.

Prolectus is used in protecting vineyards and vegetables from attacks by Botrytis cinerea, a fungus that destroys berries and causes damage to vines during the vinification process. Prolectus is also used for controlling Monilinia laxa, fructicola and fructigena parasites of stone fruits, both in the field and during storage. The profile of the product is in line with the Directives of “Sustainable Agriculture” in the EU, with a fast decline in residue that is always below the extent permitted by law.

Prolectus is based on the active ingredient Fenpyrazamine, invented in Sumitomo Chemical’s research laboratory. The innovative formulation of the 50 WG product contains 50% active and natural components, thereby reducing the distribution of chemical elements into the environment. The product also acts as a repellent for mosquitoes, reducing their nuisance to workers. The innovative formula guarantees a rapid melting, a rapid dispersal in water, and a uniform distribution on the crops, to ensure a high efficiency of use, no waste, and true effectiveness.

Sumitomo Chemical Italia was the first country in the world to register and to sell the product and currently has the largest sales (volume and turnover) anywhere.

Prolectus and its active ingredient Fenpyrazamine are just the latest example of Sumitomo Chemical’s “Creative Hybrid Chemistry” policy, which promotes products that guarantee healthy food in a growing world for a better tomorrow. Prolectus is registered not only in Italy but also in Spain, France, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Korea, Chile and many other countries around the world.