Sumitomo Chemical Agro Europe

Formed in 1994, Sumitomo Chemical Agro Europe is Sumitomo Chemical’s European Regional Headquarter for Plant Protection activities (insect, disease, weed control, and plant growth regulators) in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Our staff of more than sixty is dedicated to the company’s mission of developing and selling crop protection products.

Our Mission

Building tomorrow’s agriculture.

We distribute disease and pest control products, plant growth regulation products, agrichemical and biological pesticides, plant growth regulators (PGRs), seed treatment products, and post-harvest technologies to more than 50 European and Middle East African countries.

Research & Development

We have supported biological product development in Europe since the 2001 integration of Valent Biosciences Corporation into Sumitomo. SCAE and its subsidiaries were the first to offer a range of traditional and biological chemistry solutions, an indication of how we are ahead of our time we have been.

For over 20 years we have invested, through our affiliate Philagro France, in research and development at our French biological assessment center.

Company History

In 1993 Rhone Poulenc Agro sold part of its commercial network to CSC, which acquired a majority of the distribution network for its plant protection products in the European market. Thus Philagro France was born.

SCAE, the European Regional Headquarters, was soon formed. The goal was to expand business in not just the French but the whole European market. on the other hand access to European regulations because at this time where the profession has Europeanized (European regulations).

Since then we have been entrusted with the management of five subsidiaries — Interfarm in the UK, Philagro South Africa, Sumitomo Chemical Italy, Philagro France, and Kenogard in Spain. We submit registration to the European authorities for all zone records and participate in the development of new innovative and environmentally friendly Sumitomo Chemical Corporation products.

Company Headquarters

Sumitomo Chemical Agro Europe
Parc d’Affaires de Crécy
10A rue de la Voie Lactée
69370 Saint Didier-au-Mont-d’Or






A Human Challenge: The Tuta Absoluta Challenge

“Tuta Absoluta” (tomato leaf miner) is a charming word to describe a pest that attacks — in larval form — plants of the Solanaceae family at all stages of plant growth. Tuta Absoluta particularly loves tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, tobacco, potatoes, and even ornamental plants.

Since their 2006 detection in Spain, this pest has spread to tomato growing regions in Europe, North Africa, and the middle East. Damage is caused by larval tunneling and can result in loss of over 80% of fruits.

In 2009, Tuta Absoluta became a major issue in Morocco. Farmers were confronted for the first time by this insect and their tomato crops were totally lost (between 50 and 100% of ravage). Producing tomatoes became difficult and the quantity of field tomatoes grown dropped dramatically.

Agro Europe Story

Sumitomo Chemical Agro Europe was alerted to the problem by distributors and even directly by distraught farmers. Phytosanitary measures were at this stage ineffective and developing an effective solution became a challenge for the entire company. We mobilized our Regulatory team, our Technical & Sales teams to give technical support and follow-up to our Distributors, and our Supply Chain team to ensure the recommended solution — our biological product DIPEL® — was delivered on time.

Our efforts were a complete success. The expansion of the Tuta Absoluta, which had meanwhile extended up to northern Europe, was totally controlled, and farmers know today how to react in the event of a recurrence of the pest. We are proud to have helped save farmer’s crops, thanks to our eco-friendly product DIPEL®.