Sumika Polymer Compounds EU

About Us

Sumika Polymer Compounds (Europe) is a subsidiary of Sumitomo Chemical Group, with Itochu Corporation and Toyo Ink as further shareholders. We develop, manufacture, and sell a wide range of thermoplastic polyolefin-based compounds and elastomers from two plant locations in Europe — one in Havant, UK, and a further site in St Martin de Crau, France.

Our major product range of Thermofil glass and mineral reinforced polypropylene compounds are leaders of technology and quality performance in the automotive, domestic appliance, EE, and industrial markets.

We set new standards for competitive and innovative products for the direct benefit of our European and Global Customers and develop new  technologies to meet the changing demands of the future.

Our History

Sumika has been manufacturing thermoplastics for over 30 years and has been under Japanese shareholding since 1991.

In 2007, Sumitomo Chemical purchased two European plants from Asahi Kasei and established operations as both Sumika Polymer Compounds (UK) Ltd. and Sumika Polymer Compounds (France) SA under Sumika Polymer Compounds (Europe).

In 2011 Sumika Europe launched THERMOFIL HP, a next-generation high performance glass-coupled polypropylene.

In 2012 Sumika Europe started to offer and expand the manufacture of ESPOLEX TPE, high performance thermoplastic elastomers from Sumitomo Chemical.

Sumika Europe has additional manufacturing facilities in India and Turkey and established Sumika India in 2013.  Additionally Sumika Europe, through its connections, can make a global offer and presence via other Sumika worldwide facilities (China, US, Thailand, Saudi Arabia).

Company Headquarters

Sumika Polymer Compounds (UK), Ltd.
28 New Lane
Hampshire PO9 2NQ
United Kingdom

Sumika Polymer Compounds (France) S.A.
1 Avenue Marie Curie
ZI du bois de Leuze
13310 Saint Martin de Crau
Tel: +33 (0) 4 90 47 46 20
Fax: +33 (0) 4 90 47 46 21


+44 (0) 23 9248 6350


+44 (0) 23 9247 2388