Sumika Ceramics Poland

Our Story

Sumika Ceramics Poland was established in 2011 in Wrocław (Poland) as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Chemical, with the objective to produce aluminum titanate Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF’s) for the European market.

Amid growing environmental awareness, many countries around the world have been tightening their exhaust gas emissions regulations in recent years. In Europe, among other regions, the Euro6 emissions regulation, one of the strictest in the world, took effect in September 2014, mandating the mounting of DPFs as standard equipment on diesel-powered vehicles in Europe as a means to meet standards for restricted particulate emissions. As regulations continue to grow such mandatory requirements are likely to extend to commercial and off-road vehicles. Given the situation, the DPF market is expected to grow much further, heightening needs for higher-performance DPFs.


Sumitomo Chemical developed its DPFs, marketed under the SumipureTM brand name, by capitalizing on its technological expertise cultivated in-house through the business of inorganic materials such as alumina products. The DPF, made of aluminum titanate, shows excellent properties, such as thermal shock resistance (*1) and mass limit (*2) with respect to soot from internal-combustion engines in automobiles and other machinery. Sumitomo Chemical has also started supplying samples of a DPF suitable for selective catalytic reduction (SCR) coating (*3) and a particulate filter for gasoline-engine vehicles, both of which are expected to come into wide use in the future.

  1. The DPF’s property to withstand rapid changes in temperature at the time of undergoing functional regeneration through incineration of trapped soot.
  2. The amount of soot that can be continuously filtered.
  3. The DPF capable of removing nitrogen oxides as well as soot.
Our Mission

Our mission is to protect the environment from exhaust gas emissions through technically superior and innovative products.

We also commit ourselves to follow the Sumitomo’s Business Principles and the Sumitomo Chemical’s Business Philosophy.

Research and Development

Sumitomo Chemical conducts the emission treatment-related material and structure study in a Research Laboratory in Niihama City, Japan, where the manufacturing process was developed. Besides this, a Research and Development team in Sumika Ceramics Poland cooperates with customers on emission control related topics.

Company History

2011 — Sumika Ceramics Poland was established in Wrocław (Poland)

2013 — High Volume Manufacturing Plant was opened in Wrocław (Poland)

Company Headquarters

ul. Bierutowska 87
51-317 Wrocław


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