Philagro South Africa


Philagro South Africa is a leading supplier of innovative products to the agricultural, animal nutrition, and public health sectors in Southern Africa. We are based in Pretoria (Gauteng) with a regional office in Somerset West (Western Cape). Our products enable growers to produce high quality, safe produce whilst maximising their return on investment. We pride ourselves in providing in-time product supply,  ongoing technical sales support, and product stewardship to ensure effective solutions to production challenges of our clients.


The mission of Philagro South Africa is to add value to agriculture in South Africa by supplying quality agricultural products/solutions and providing exceptional service. This is reflected in our slogan: Products that work from People who care.

Research & Development

Philagro South Africa is actively involved with government and industry (university) research institutions and technical consultants to stay abreast of the latest production innovations so as to develop and position new and existing products for optimal use benefits. We have a dedicated registration department that handles new and re-registrations of products.

Company History

In 1998 the Sumitomo Chemical Company, a global leader in the discovery of crop protection, plant enhancement, and other products for food, health and the environment, established an office in South Africa. Mr. John Mansfield was appointed to set up this company, and Philagro South Africa (Pty) Ltd was born. Although the company was new the products it distributed were already very well known in the agricultural world — Nemesis, Rizolex, Sumisclex and Sumicidin Super are all highly respected in the world of agricultural remedies.

In 2001 Sumitomo Chemical Company acquired the agricultural speciality division of Abbott Laboratories and renamed it Valent Biosciences Corporation. Philagro South Africa began marketing and selling their plant growth regulators, bio-insecticides, and other bio-rational products, including DiPel and ProGibb.

Currently Philagro SA also distributes products from the FMC Corporation (USA), Aquamarine, AlzChem (previously Degussa), and Sumitomo Corporation, as well as certain products from Cheminova.

  • In 2003 PSA acquired the products of FMC
  • In 2004 PSA acquired the products of AlzChem (formerly Degussa)
  • In 2005 PSA acquired some products of Cheminova
  • In 2005 PSA acquired Sunny from Aquamarine
  • In 2010 PSA acquired some products from Nufarm

Company Headquarters

Philagro South Africa, Ltd.
1st Floor, The Corner Office,
410 Lynnwood Road (entrance in Rosemary Street),
Pretoria, 0081
Republic of South Africa






Providing Solutions for Table Grapes

The table grape industry in South Africa is very important for the country’s exports, especially to the United Kingdom, Europe and Asia. High color standards are set for these markets and with the increased pressure on the Maximum Residu Level set for Ethephon, growers are desperately looking for alternative products. Key varieties like Flame Seedless and Crimson Seedless do not obtain adequate colour in the warm temperate production regions (Northern Cape), or are exposed to environmental risk factors like rain or hail during the harvest period, which can result in berry cracking and post-harvest quality disorders.

ProTone® is a natural product produced through fermentation and is exempt from a MRL tolerance. In the case of Ethephon, growers need to wait between 14-28 days for MRL levels to break down to acceptable levels. However, when only ProTone® is applied, there is no waiting time. Where ProTone® is used in combination with lower Ethephon use rates, the waiting time is drastically reduced. Significant increases in labor costs accentuated the need to find cost-effective coloring programs to reduce the number of picks and also increase productivity in the pack-house (better and more even coloured bunches).

ProTone®, a new plant growth regulator that maximizes pack-out of high quality colored table grapes, was introduced in 2010 and has set a new coloring standard in the industry. It has become a key product in all coloring programs and has added a lot of value to the table industry and a significant return on investment to growers. The introduction of ProTone® has also emphasized the leadership position of Valent BioSciences (Sumitomo Chemicals) in the production and marketing of Plant Growth Regulators worldwide. ProTone® had a very rapid market adoption and South Africa has now surpassed Chile as the second biggest ProTone® market in the world.

PSA (in cooperation with Valent BioSciences) is also a leader in the development of a new thinning use with ProTone® on hard-to-thin varieties, varieties with shot berries, or varieties that are sensitive to GA3 applications.