About Us

With headquarters in Barcelona, Spain, Kenogard is an affiliate of the Sumitomo Chemical Corporation for the Spanish and Portuguese plant protection market.

From the beginning our objective has been to achieve the first market positions, providing farmers with innovative tools to achieve high quality yields. We cover different areas in the national market — not only professional farming but also home and garden and forestry and public health businesses, offering a wide portfolio of traditional chemical products but also working with new biorational strategies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a company with a market orientation, to have our own distribution network, and to provide appropriate solutions (products, technologies, services) to our loyal customers.

We aim to maintain Research and Development activities with both our own and innovative third party products.

We are committed to the satisfaction and safety of our employees at work and our products in the environment.

We aim to build a cohesive work team that is committed to the objectives of the Company.

Research and Development

Kenogard has its own Development team based on Murcia, a Mediterranean region with a high variety of crops, representing one of the most important areas in the farming sector.

Our team is staffed by agronomist and chemistry professionals. They work in cooperation with independent research companies and farmers in order to develop new products and uses, and to adapt them to local practices.

Our Research team develops field trial programs and composes the dossiers of new products in order to obtain their registration in Spain or at the European level.

Company History

Kenogard has its origins in the company Cruz Verde, which was founded in 1946. In 1981, the Agrochemical division of Cruz Verde was purchased by the Italian company Amonn Agrofinanz, leading to a new company, Amonn Fitoquimica. In 1985 the Swedish company Nobel Industries acquired Amonn Fitoquimica and gave us our current name, Kenogard. From 1990 to 1992 Kenogard remained an independent company but in 1992 became part of a Japanese consortium with strategic interest in the development of products for the field.

Since 2003 the Company’s capital has been distributed as follow:

  • 75% Sumitomo Chemical Company, Ltd
  • 25% Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd.

Company Headquarters

Diputación, 279
08007 Barcelona


+34 934 881 270


+34 934 876 112


Our Commitment to Our Customers

Our company has its origins in the agricultural division of Cruz Verde, a company that was founded in 1946 and was a pioneer in the development and introduction of plant protection products in Spain.

Today we maintain recognized brands from this period such as Poliverdol® (fertilizers family), Herbicruz® (herbicides family), or Ditiver® (fungicides family).

In 1981, Sara Lee acquired the Cruz Verde household division, while the Agrochemical division was bought by the Italian company Amonn Agrofinanz. This was our beginning as an independent company.

Our objective has been to achieve first market positions. In practice this means introducing to the market products from our own R&D or from collaborations with other international companies.

Our leadership strategy is based not only on increasing our market share but in being proud of our work and maintaining user confidence, as well as offering innovative, quality products with a high degree of efficacy.

Our team works to support and promote our distribution activities, giving practical field recommendations to farmers and listening to their proposals and initiatives in order to  provide them with the best solution.

This is our work methodology: we are committed to providing the best customer service.