Education Support of Africa

We believe that improving Africa’s educational system is crucial to assisting the continent to overcome poverty and achieve self-sustaining economic development.

Sumitomo Chemical is supporting schools in 11 African countries.

Since 2005, Sumitomo Chemical has donated a portion of the revenues from the Olyset® Net business and engaged in projects with NGOs such as World Vision Japan and Plan Japan to build elementary and junior high school buildings and related facilities in Africa. As of March 2014, 16 projects have been completed in ten African countries, including Tanzania, Kenya, and Ghana, with projects also currently under way in Senegal and Tanzania.

We at Sumitomo Chemical will remain committed to contributing to the sustainable development of Africa and Asia and will continue our long-term support for education so that more children can have access to a better education.

Educational Support of Africa

  • 16 projects completed
  • 2 projects underway
  • 10 countries helped