Overview of Our CSR Work

Sumitomo Chemical’s business philosophy is grounded in the concept of harmony between the company’s interests and those of the public. We express this principle both in our business activities and in our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) work.  Sumitomo Chemical undertakes its social contribution activities with a focus on three areas: coexistence with local communities, sustainable future-oriented support for society, and responsible business as a global company.

Contributing to Neighboring Communities

Sumitomo Chemical’s offices and facilities are endeavoring to disclose information and promote communication with local residents on a daily basis by organizing tours of their manufacturing and research facilities, holding local dialogue meetings, and taking part in community events, thereby helping residents to gain a deeper understanding of the Company’s business, as well as building and maintaining good relationships with local communities.

Contributing to the Future

Sumitomo Chemical’s facilities are engaged in a variety of activities tailored to the particular needs of communities. These activities, which harness our special expertise as a chemical company, include accepting local senior high school as interns and providing elementary and junior high school students with School Science Visits as a way of developing an interest in science and technology.

Contributing to Global Society
Mother and child with Olyset Net

Sumitomo Chemical has been making a significant contribution to the control of malaria by manufacturing and supplying Olyset® Net, an insecticidal mosquito net that it developed in-house to protect people from malaria-carrying mosquitoes, to Africa as well as Asia. We are also producing Olyset Net in Africa, thereby helping to create local jobs while promoting the growth of the regional economy.

We believe that improving Africa’s educational system is crucial in enabling the continent to overcome poverty and achieve self-sustaining economic development. Since 2005, Sumitomo Chemical has engaged in projects with NGOs such as World Vision Japan and Plan Japan to build elementary and junior high school buildings and related facilities in Africa.

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Sumitomo’s CSR Policy

By continuously creating and providing useful new technologies and products that have never before existed, Sumitomo Chemical will build corporate value while contributing to both the solution of problems facing our environment and society, and the enrichment of people’s lives.

In order to accomplish this, the Company will work to achieve a balance of profitable business operations, the preservation of the environment, safety, health, product quality and social activity. We will also pursue and promote our CSR activities with consideration for the interests of all our stakeholders, including our stockholders, employees, business partners, and the local residents of all regions in which we conduct business. Through our endeavors in these areas, we hope to play a significant role in building a sustainable society, while continuing to grow to realize our goal of becoming a truly global chemical company in the 21st century.

(Established November 2004)

“Our business must benefit society, not merely our own interests.”

—From Sumitomo’s Corporate Statement